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Excelimmune's ACT Technology Suite

Antibody Combination Expression Technology

To address the complexity and cost of manufacturing Antibody Combination Therapeutics (ACT), Excelimmune has developed a proprietary method to express mixtures of antibodies in single batch culture. This patented technology will allow cost effective production of complex mixtures of antibodies in a single-batch format with highly stable ratios of component antibodies.

Excelimmune's antibody combination expression system is based on two key innovations: 1) non-viral AAV-based preferential integration into multiple, stable sites in the genome and 2) the use of stable pools of cells instead of clonal cell lines. Together, these two attributes contribute to an exceptionally quick, stable, and flexible culture system for mixtures of antibody producing cells. The company holds a patent on this key technology.

This technology will pave the way for more consistent, cost effective production of antibody combinations, which will allow complex antibody therapeutics to gain greater accessibility to the clinic in the coming years. As its technology reaches full maturity, Excelimmune will be poised to capture a significant segment of this growing market.

Human Antibody Discovery Platform

Complementing its manufacturing platform, Excelimmune's human antibody discovery platform is based on amplifying the heavy and light chain variable regions from single plasma cells and screening for antibodies against novel antigens. Unlike other similar technologies, no re-assortment of heavy and light chains occurs during the Excelimmune process, yielding a library of antibodies that are fully human and have been subjected to the in vivo B-cell developmental process. This evolutionary pathway selects against the production of antibodies that bind at low affinity, as well as, antibodies with anti-self reactivities. In addition, we are complementing our antibody discovery platform with next generation sequencing technologies.

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